CERTAIN is the Center for Explainable, Responsible and Theory-Driven AI. We are a platform for researchers that work on ways to make the increasing spread of AI technology safe and beneficial for society.

We think that in this endeavor Transparency is key. That also means we want to create awareness of and provide knowledge about important developments in the field of AI. This is what this website hopes to facilitate. It is a place where you can find introductions to our research projects and results. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

We also stand for research on AI that is guided by society. We aim to develop technology that serves the needs of people and is informed by people. Being guided by society also means that safety always comes first: we can only deploy technology that has been proven to be trustworthy. In other words, we stand for Responsible AI.

Finally, we believe that there is knowledge in various disciplines that can inform AI research. Especially with respect to questions concerning the impact of AI on people, society, our planet, we should make use of this wealth of knowledge to find safe and effective solutions. We believe in Theory-driven AI and close cooperation between researchers from different subfields of AI, as well as cooperation with researchers from other scientific disciplines.

CERTAIN was founded by researchers of the Institute of Logic, Language and Information (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam.

About the people

CERTAIN consists of a diverse group of researchers with various backgrounds. What unites us is our interest in developing explainable and responsible AI. Feel free to contact us or learn more about what we do.