We let more and more of our daily life be influenced by AI technology. But can we trust the technology to handle this influence with care?


Verified AI technology comes with guarantees that it does what it is supposed to do, without fail. For “verifiable AI” technology, we can make assessments about whether it comes with such guarantees.

Language Models

Language models are computer programs designed to understand (and to generate) human text, based on word patterns that it learned from being exposed to many texts.


The term “fairness” covers a multitude of different concepts. Choosing the right notion of fairness for a specific AI system presents a formidable research challenge.


“Bias” in the context of AI usually means a (hidden) flaw in the way a computer system makes decisions causing it to systematically provide undesirable outputs.


“Inclusive AI” is about advocating for AI that is developed by and for everyone, in order to design just and empowering technologies.


An “algorithm” is traditionally defined as a set of instructions for performing a task.