Marjolein Lanzing

Marjolein Lanzing

Assistant Professor

Marjolein Lanzing is Assistant Professor Philosophy of Technology at the University of Amsterdam. Previously, she worked on the Googlization of Health as a post-doc of the ERC project ‘Digital Good’ (PI Tamar Sharon) at the Interdisciplinary Hub for Security, Privacy and Data Governance (Radboud University). She finished her PhD-research ‘The Transparent Self’: A Normative Investigation of Changing Selves and Relationships in the Age of the Quantified Self at the 4TU Center for Ethics and Technology (University of Technology Eindhoven).

Marjolein studies the ethical and political concerns related to new technologies, in particular concerns regarding privacy and surveillance (autonomy, discrimination, manipulation and commodification), and what they mean for the way we understand ourselves and our social relationships. For example, she works with Katrin Schulz on ways to understand, evaluate, mitigate and prevent injustice in AI technology that go beyond technological fixes. Other research examples include normative critiques to surveillance companies moving into the health sphere and feminist, privacy critiques of FemTech.

Marjolein is board member of Bits of Freedom, an NGO that protects online freedom and (digital) civil rights.

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Bias across borders: towards a social-political understanding of bias in machine learning

Goal of this project is to provide a clear conceptual framework on the notion of bias in machine learning for AI researchers in the context of algorithmic fairness.
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