Robert van Rooij

Robert van Rooij


Robert van Rooij is Professor of Logic and Cognition, with emphasis on language interpretation. At the moment he is the scientific director of the ILLC. Robert van Rooij studied Philosophy and Linguistics at the universities of Tilburg and Nijmegen, and obtained his PhD at the University of Stuttgart in 1997. Prof. van Rooij specializes in formal semantics and pragmatics of natural language, and he is using formal methods (logic, game theory, causal modeling) to do so. Most recently his work focuses on the interpretation of conditional and generic sentences, and the stereotypes that are expressed by them. He combines this in a project investigating the expression of stereotypes in (large) language models.

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Research projects of the researcher

Below you can find a sample of the CERTAIN-related research projects of this researcher.

From Learning to Meaning

In this project we explore whether Language Model’s generic sentences can teach us something about how people express stereotypes.
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Papers by the researcher

Are LLMs classical or nonmonotonic reasoners? Lessons from generics
How robust and reliable can we expect language models to be?
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